Goodbye to Corporate America Log - Day 2

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My friends (Amy, Sheenie, Bin and Young) and I went to a women leadership conference in

Berkeley today.  This is the 3rd year I came to this event.  It always has been a great learning experience and excellent bonding opportunities with the ladies.

I especially enjoyed this one session called ‘What Women Entrepreneurs Have Learned: Stories From The Trenches’ where there were 4 women from various industries (i.e. high tech, wine, food & beverage, and cosmetics) as panelists and Christine Comaford-Lynch as the panel moderator.  I felt that the conversations in that short hour were dedicated to me for some reason and it was absolutely perfect for my 2nd day after corporate america.  Here are some of my take away:

Lesson One: Building Emotional Equity

Thought:  I need to find people who will support me and my venture.  If they believe in me and my mission, they will want me to succeed as much as I do.

Lesson Two: Focus on one thing at a time

Thought:  This is definitely not me when I was in corporation, there are always so many projects happening at the same time.  I need to focus on building   That will be my goal for this month.

Lesson Three: Perseverance

Thought:  I can’t give up.  I need to prove to myself not anyone else that I can do this.

Lesson Four: Take Risk – No Risk No Gain. 

Thought: I am taking the biggest risk of my life right now.

Lesson Five : Self identity – Everything is an illusion. Pick the one identify that is fun for you. Choose your own identity. Don’t let other people set your values for you.

Thought:  Yes! This is time to choose my own identity, not because it is right for anyone else, but it is right for me.

Lesson Six:  Life = the people you meet + what you create together.

Thought:  I need to build up new connection and community with people who are also passionate about my mission.  I can’t wait!

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