You Are Just Not Good Enough

My mother is a very tough woman.  She loves me dearly.  She sent me to the US alone when I was 16.   She believed that was the best way to toughen me up.  I could not thank her enough for this decision.  It changed my life forever.  Looking back, I can’t even imagine if I didn’t come here.  For sure I know I will not be building a website called in English. J   

When I was growing up, I always behaved and was a very good girl.  I did everything my mother told me to do.   I was a good student, sang in the choir and I practiced piano at least 2 hours a day.  My mother wanted me to play piano because that was her dream when she was a kid.  She told me she wasn’t good enough because her fingers were too short.  I always like to please my mother and I did not put up that much of a fight when she told me to practice.  I started when I was 6 and by the time I was 14, I earned the performance diploma from the Trinity College of Music from the UK.  I was pretty good and I loved it.  

One day, I told my mom, ‘I want to become a concert pianist.’  My piano teacher and my mother looked at each other perplexed.  It did not take them long to think about this one and they said, ‘My dear.  You are pretty good at piano, but we don’t think you are good enough to be a concert pianist.  There are many music geniuses out there.  Some kids in China started playing piano since they were three.  They practice at least six hours a day.  We don’t think you practice enough and the most important of all, it will be a very tough journey for you because you are just not good enough.’  

‘I am not good enough?’ I thought to myself.  ‘Then why did I waste 8 years of life learning this skill that I have absolutely no use in the future?’  My mother said, ‘Music is good for you.  I knew a girl who met her husband because he heard her played so beautifully.  They are now married and lived happily ever after.’   

‘You must be flicking kidding me.’ I thought again to myself.  Even when I was 14 I knew I did not want to do something just to impress someone.  I wanted to do it for me.   I continued to play piano, but it was never the same again.  

How many times have you been told that you are just not good enough?  Who are these people?  What kind of experiences did they have?   Have they done it before?   How would they know for sure you are not good enough?  No one would ever know if you are good enough or not unless you are at the finish line.  

Now 15 years later, I have decided to pursue a speaking and writing career.  I am building up to become the premier website for entrepreneurs who wants to make a difference during their lifetime.  Guess what?   This time I am not telling my mother.  J  At least not until hit one million users a month.  My target announcement date is March 15th, 2008.  

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2 Responses to “You Are Just Not Good Enough”

  1. Jenny Truong on 21 Mar 2007 at 6:18 pm

    This was a very touching blog. I enjoyed it throughly. This blog explains where you came from and why you think the way you do. Congrats and good luck. Your biggest fan, Jenny

  2. Danny San on 12 Dec 2007 at 12:52 pm

    I can understand how you don’t want to mention this to your mother. I think in a sense, it’s a motivation for you. When you speak about your aspirations to those whose opinions have heavier influence (like your mother), rather than act… you’re doomed from the start because more than likely they won’t be quite as enthusiastic about your dreams as you are. I think I will follow suit and keep quiet about my goalS.


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