Goodbye to Corporate America Log - Day 24

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24 days after I said goodbye to corporate

America.  I just came back from attending a 5-1/2 days Guerilla Business school training organized by T. Harv’s Peak Potential training company.  It was an absolutely amazing experience.  We listened to numerous multi-billionaire and multi-millionaire speakers who have been there and done that.  They taught us everything we need to know about running a business – finance, hiring, firing, marketing and sales, systems, etc.  It was awesome. 
Harv & Edith  It took me a while (now 24 days) to get used to introducing myself as a speaker and author instead of someone from the world of high-tech industry.  I am slowly but surely saying goodbye to my past.  Once in a while, I would get stuck and not completely sure what is the best way to describe what I do now.  I am sure with practice it will come naturally. I would get this blank look at times from my audiences.  I guess they are probably guessing how in the world this person is going to make any money?  But who cares?  I will be very successful in my writing and speaking business.  After all, it is my life. The most important view of myself is my own, not anyone else. .If you find this article helpful and would like to support, click here. 

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