Your Sweetest Moment

I recently went to a wonderful young jazz musicians’ concert.  The performers were all teenagers.  The youngest one was 13 and the oldest was probably 17.  They all look so young and innocent, but their music talents could absolutely compare to the masters.  The best part was that I could feel their energy and excitement.  Their eyes were full of enthusiasm.  They were on fire.  They wanted to be there.  They were hungry and they were stars!  They were living the sweetest moment of their life. 

The show reminded me of my own sweetest moment when I was 11 years old.  I played piano since I was 6.  I was no Mozart, but I was pretty good.  My mom forced me to practice at least two to three hours a day.   One day during the school assembly, my school principal called my name through the microphone “Edith.  Edith.  Please come to the stage right now and play a tune for us!”  I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe my ears.  I could not comprehend why my name was being called out of the microphone.  There were 500 kids there.  Why me?   Why now?   My friends were all very excited and started cheering for me.  ‘What is going on?’ I said to myself. ‘There is no way in hell (excuse my language).  I am not ready!  Why don’t they tell me ahead of time?’ 

Earl Nightingale once said:  “Luck is when opportunity meets preparadness.”  

But he never told us what would happen when opportunity meets unprepared-ness?  My legs were shaking.  I was nervous but excited at the same time.  I was in shock!  I slowly walked up on stage.  My mind was blank.  My limbs were heavy.  I was breaking with cold sweat.   All the kids were cheering for me, but it sounded so far away. 

The 3 minutes walk to the piano felt like a million years.  I finally sat down on the piano bench.  The principal called my name again through the microphone.  ‘Edith.  What are you playing for us today?’   At that one moment, only one piece came to mind was called … I can’t remember the name of the song, but I can still hear the music playing in my head.  I yelled out the name of the song.  The principal repeated the name through the microphone.  Then the assembly went silent. 

I could hear the tune in my head.  I began to put my left foot on the pedal and my legs were shaking uncontrollably.  Then I started to play.  As soon as my first finger touched the keyboard, all the other keystrokes came naturally.   All the notes were falling into place.  I was saying to myself, ‘I better fake it or make it.  I am here and this is the moment!’  The 5 minutes recital felt like a million years.  And at the end of it, all I remember was the applause afterwards.  I was ecstatic.  I was on top of the world!  I was ALIVE, and I was living the sweetest moment. 

What is your sweetest moment in life?   I am sure all of you have the sweet memories and feeling come back to you once in a while.  When was the last time that you felt that way?  Can you still feel the energy soaring?  Where were you?    What happened?   

We will never forget those moments, those sweetest moments.  Those moments will always be there in our hearts.  They will serve us well as a foundation to create more amazing moments.  Life is too short to live for just one sweet moment after all.   

Go, create your next sweet moment.  Carpe Diem. 

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