Be Extraordinary Good at Something Else

Seth Godin’s post about ‘The horrible reality of college admissions’ makes me think. My parents always tell me:

  • Get good grades.

  • Get a stable job.

  • Get a promotion.

  • Get a good husband.

What if… instead of getting all the ‘good’ stuff, I:

  • Quit school.

  • Quit my job.

  • Say goodbye to promotion.

  • Never get married.

What if … instead of getting into Harvard; I go ahead and start my own business; create millions of jobs; save millions of lives and make billions of dollar? Would that be so bad?  I know someone who did it.   What are you good at?

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  1. [...] Be Extraordinary Good at Something Else [...]

  2. on 25 May 2007 at 5:32 pm

    The first list was good advice — for the last century.

    Your advice is best for the future.



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