You Don’t Complete Me

“You complete me” is a famous quote from the movie “Jerry McGuire.”

The main character, Jerry, made this statement to his girlfriend after all the ups and downs in their relationship and realized how wonderful she was and how perfect they were for each other. It was a scene that would give you teary eyes. I remember I cried when I saw it. It was very touching and romantic.

Many years later, the more I think about this quote, the more I think this is not a very self-serving or encouraging quote for people.

“You complete me” implies that there must be another person involved in order to get myself completed. Wait a minute… Why can’t I just complete myself?

Can you imagine Jerry’s girlfriend responding with “That’s great Jerry, but I complete me. Would you be okay with that?”  I am sure there would be no teary eyes and the whole scene would turn into a fist fight. J

In all seriousness, no one can complete you except you. We are all capable individuals and we know who we are. We have friends and family that support and love us, but what makes us complete is our own belief in ourselves.

Bill Bartmann once said: “The single most important view of yourself is your own.”

Appreciate your own greatness. Know that *you can* complete you.

As a suggestion to begin putting this into practice, list at least 10 reasons why you are great and say it out loud like this:  “I am great because I am [fill in the blank]!”  I guarantee you will feel much better about yourself after this exercise. I know I did.  So have fun!

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