Got F….?

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What comes to your mind when you first see the F…. word?

  • Is it fear?
  • Is it fantasy?
  • Is it fat?
  • Is it fast?
  • Is it far?
  • Is it family?
  • Or some other interesting word?

It’s amazing how our minds work. We can easily complete a word in our mind based on one letter. We can create a complete story in our mind based on a tiny clue. We can judge a person’s character after 5 seconds of meeting the person.

Our minds can really do some amazing things. Don’t you think? We are smart and efficient. As T Harv Eker says, our brain is like a file cabinet where we have different mental files stored in different drawers. Whenever there is a clue, our mental secretary will go to the cabinet and match this new piece of information with what we already know.

I believe there are no good files or bad files. They are just simply files that were developed based on our past experiences. What really makes the difference is how we interpret these files.

What was your interpretation of the F…. word? How about if I present the F…. word this way?

F _ _ _ _

Or how about this way?

F_ I _ H

Or how about this way?

F_ I T H

Or how about this way?


Did the word ‘Faith’ come to your mind when you first saw the F…. word?  It was for me.   Didn’t you?

I am not trying to change how we decipher the F…. word. My point is we all have our own mental file cabinets and they are all different. They will never be exactly the same, nor should they ever need to be the same. The key is this — once in a while, you need to be aware and open your file cabinet to take in some new files.

Some of the ideas shared at may or may not match up with what you believe to be true today.  But it doesn’t matter.  All I ask, for your own benefit, is a willingness to open up your own file cabinet. You may decide to accept these new files. You may decide to modify some of these new files before your insert them into your cabinet.  Or you may even just toss these files.  But don’t do yourself a disservice.  Challenge yourself.  Grow yourself.  These new files are fun!  These new files are refreshing.  These new files are written specifically for you.

Albert Einstein said “Knowledge of what is, does not open the door directly to what should be.”

Try this suggestion.  Pick up your favorite magazine or newspaper and select one article.   Read it entirely and then catch your thoughts about this article by writing them down. Then read the article again, but this time instead of thinking like an outsider, imagine that you are in that particular situation.  In that context, imagine what thoughts you would have?

You will notice a big difference between your first and second interpretation. This is because the second time you consciously decided not to use your own files to interpret the situation. Once you open up your file cabinet, you will be amazed how some of these files are so ‘yesterday’.

I highly encourage you to read each article at at least twice.  You will get different results depending on if your file cabinet is opened or closed.

While you are doing it, have fun!

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