The Fork in the Road

I just finished listening to this audio book ‘Start Smart Finish Rich’ by David Bach. 

David’s message was very similar to many other money and investment gurus.   His content didn’t really give me any breakthrough in terms of investing, but his story about his grandmother, Rose Bach really resonated with me. 

Rose Bach was an amazing woman who started with nothing.  At the age of 30, she decided that she was going to be a millionaire even though she was very poor at the time.   Rose taught herself how to invest and later on became a self-made millionaire over her lifetime.

At the age of 86, Rose who has been incredibly healthy had a stroke.  David went to pick up Rose and took her a nursing care facility. 

On the way to there, David asked Rose:  “Grandma.  You have been my mentor all my life.  Do you have any regret?”

Rose said:   “No David.  I don’t have any regret.  I lived a full life.  I had a wonderful marriage with your grandfather.” 

David thought that was great and didn’t continue to ask.

The next day, David came to visit Rose at the nursing home.

Rose was very excited to see David and said, “David, I was up all night thinking about your question to me.  I could not fall asleep the more I thought about the question.  You know what?  I do have regret.  I was not honest with you.  The more I thought about my life.  Here I am at the age of 86 and I had a great life.  But you know what?  My regrets were pretty clear.  I can think of a hand full of times in my life where I came to a fork in the road.”

“At this fork in the road, I really had a choice.  I could go left which was the safe route where I could pretty much see the outcome.  Or I could go right which was the more risky route and I wasn’t sure what would really happen.  But I could see if I go that route there could be more gold, more joy and more opportunities.”  Rose Continued.

Rose started to have teary eyes. “During my life time, everytime I came to this fork in the road and there were five times, I went left.  I took the safe route. David.  All I can tell you is this.  Now I wouldn’t know what could of happen if I have gone to the riskier route.”

Rose looked at David in the eye.  “I can give you one last lesson.  You are going to come to the fork in the road.  When you get there, there is going to be a person inside of you, a little boy that going to scream and say ‘David.  Go Right. Take the risk!’  At the same time, there is going to be a big boy inside of you and that big boy is going to say, ‘Take the safe route.’”

Rose’s last lesson for David was this:  “Take more risk.  Let that little boy come out and play.  I wish I had let my little girl come out and play.”Let your little girl and little boy inside of you to come out and play.

Take a few minutes.  Imagine that you are now 86 years of age, what would you regret?  What would you wish you did?  Are you taking the safer route or riskier route?

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    I have lived what Rose Bach spoke about . . . but I don’t believe in regret.

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