Are You Ready to be Very Uncomfortable?

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?  Is it time? Is it the opportunity? Is it the people?  Or is it the comfortable life?

I know and I do understand.The timing just isn’t right.  The opportunity just isn’t there.  Plus you just haven’t met the right people, at least not yet.  Your life is going so well and comfortable right now.  If you go ahead and make the move, you might lose everything you have.   You have a family that you need to take care of.  Your husband or wife may not support or understand you.  Your friends might think you are crazy.Everything you said it’s true.However, you and I both know what the real truth is. The truth is that you hate feeling uncomfortable.  I hate to call you bluff.  You are just afraid of failure. 

I know. I know. Who aren’t afraid of failure?   Everyone does.  So do you.  No one wants to fail.   Neither do you.  Ford once said:  “Either you think you can, or you can’t.  You are right.”  You are always right.   Imagine this.  You are back in your mother’s womb.  You have been very comfortable for 9 months not doing much everyday.  One day, you feel a strange pressure.  It is like a strong tidal wave.  Almost like a tsunami.  You see a strange light from afar and it hurts your eyes.   You are unsure if you want to go, but the strange force pushes you out to the new world anyway.   The whole process is extremely uncomfortable for you.  You don’t quite know what is going on.  You feel rushed.  You feel pressured.    The funny thing is everyone in the new world is so excited to see you.  You open your eyes.  You don’t quite know how to interpret what you see, but you can feel the excitement, the care and the love. 

Can you imagine if you decided right then and there that you didn’t want to come out because you were just too afraid or too uncomfortable?Yep… you are in that womb right now.  But this time there is no pressure or outside force that pushes you to come out.  Of course you can continue to stay where you are and you can stay there for the rest of your life.  But I know you are up for the challenge.  I know you don’t want to just settle for being comfortable.  I know you are willing to push yourself for more.Trust me.  You don’t want to stay there for too long.  You will grow out of it eventually and you will feel it (even you want to admit it or not).

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