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May 23 - Seth Godin Live in Silicon Valley 2007 was a great success!   

About 200 people attended the event to see Seth Godin live at the Santa Clara Convention Center including registered guests, VIPs, sponsors and volunteers.  Seth’s presentation was fantastic and the audience loved him!  The event ran really smoothly overall and I think Seth had a great time too.

It was also a very special day for me because that was my first time meeting Seth after weeks of email exchange and months of listening to his voice (audio programs).   I listened to him pretty much everyday during my run; but it was weird when I finally got to meet the person behind the voice.  


Seth exuberated great energy and charisma.  He was very friendly, sincere and he asked me a couple of times “What can I do to help you?”  I wasn’t expecting him to ask me that, but it was nice to know that he cares. J  

Seth had “The Dip” presentation down to a tee which included tons of fun facts and amazing pictures.  His exceptional delivery and remarkable message resonates with me very much.  Here are some key messages I took away from Seth’s presentation that night: 

Be the best YOU can be.

Decide to stop being average.

Have the guts quit on tasks that don’t matter.

Embrace the Dip.  Swallow your pride & ego.

Focus & be the best YOU can be. 

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