May 2007

Brian Tracy Live Seminar

I’m going to a Live seminar at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing . I’ve listened to numerous audio programs of his and read his books, and this is the first time I’ll be seeing him live!

To me, Brian embodies “goal setting” and is one of the older, wiser sales trainers out there. Don’t get me wrong. I love his The Goals program, but sometimes, just sometimes, I think he is a little bit old school. Regardless, he is an incredible man in terms of accomplishment, insights and speaking ability.

Guess what? I just found that Brian is hosting a teleseminar on . I guess he is not that old school after all. ;-)

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog – Part 2

I absolutely believe that in order to get great traffic, your blogs or articles have to come from your heart.  If you genuinely want to help people and provide valuable information, your readers will come back and tell their friends about you.  Word of mouth is the BEST kind of marketing.  However, you can only achieve this with great content.    This is very similar to fishing.  If you have the right kind of bait, your fish will come.  If your bait is fake, you can fool them once, but not twice. I will still fairly new to the blogging world, but I do want to share with your some great articles I found about driving traffic.  I know you will appreciate them as much as I do. 


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  • Three Simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days - Please note that also use .

  • Nate - - I like the contest idea.  I am planning to host my first contest very soon and my plan to fly in my Number One visitor with the most comment (using my United miles from my consulting day and spend a weekend with me in San Francisco)

  • -

At the end of the day, what comes around goes around.  Be prepare to receive as much as you give. 

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog - Part 1

I recently left corporate America to pursue my dream to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 people by March 15, 2008. In order to achieve this, I have been intensely building both my public speaking skills as well as my website blogging skills.

I love speaking in front of a live audience and I also believe in the power of technology and the ability to help people even when I am sleeping. Since was launched on April 2nd, 2007, I am grateful to have had 811 unique visitors in the first 29 days.  For the first 9 days in May, there have been 497 unique visitors.  My goal for this month is to surpass 5000 visitors. I believe I can do it.

Several friends from National Speaker Associations (NSA) have asked me to write about my lessons learned (so far) about driving traffic to my website. Keep in mind that the following is based my own personal experience and results. Obviously there are many other ways to drive traffic, but I prefer methods that are simple, repeatable and incurr zero cost.

Here we go:

A blog carnival is basically a community that creates online “magazines”.  Each carnival is a collection of blogs and articles focused on a specific topic. You can submit your blog to multiple carnivals. If the carnival organizer likes what you submitted, they will publish your work on their website and will link back to your site. (For Example: Networking Carnival (May 4, 2007 Edition) ) Blog Carnivals are an excellent way to drive traffic and meet other experts on topics that you are interested in. I typically visit Blog Carnival once a week and submit my articles to various carnivals in time for their “Next Edition” coming up. One third of my traffic comes from carnivals that I have submitted to.

I digg everyday. is a reader driven social content website. Once you become a member, you can submit content, read content submitted by other users and “digg” the content if you like it. The more people “Digg” you, the more popular your blog would become. The “Digg” community has a very large readership. One quarter of my traffic comes from

As some of you know already, I am a big fan of Seth Godin. Seth started to allow people not only to talk about specific topics that matters to them, but also to allow others to comment on the same topics. You can also make money if your readers decide to purchase anything because of your content. For example: In The Dip Squidoo, you will find gave a blurb about Seth’s new book “The Dip”. One tenth of my traffic comes from StumbleUpon helps readers to discover and share great websites. Users download a StumpbleUpon toolbar.  When the user finds a website they like, and they click the “Stumble!” button, the toolbar delivers pages that match the personal preferences of the users. You can also recommend and rate any websites that you like. I got hundreds of referrals one day from a couple weeks ago. Admittedly, I am still fair new to StumbleUpon, but I would definitely recommend this as it has been generating some nice traffic.

Mylot is very similar to squidoo, but not necessary focused on specific topics. Users can participate in online discussions or check the latest blogs.  It will provide news based on their personal preference. You can also submit your blog to and it will fetch the latest content from your site. I have had very good experience with and I participate in some online discussions once a week for about 15 – 30 minutes. The readers referred by appear to be my most loyal readers to date.

LinkedIn is an online network of millions of professionals. Each user creates a profile (similar to a resume) with professional accomplishments. LinkedIn uses your profile to match former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add your own connections by asking them to join. It is a free service and a great way to find connections. I receive about 5 – 10% from LinkedIn just because my former colleagues are curious to know what I have been up to. Feel free to add me to your LinkedIn network.

– Blog Top Sites is a directory of blogs. Ranking of the sites is done according to the number of unique visits each blog receives every week. You can register your blog on Blog Top Sites and categorize it to specific topics. If your content is great with good traffic, you will be ranked towards the top which drives even more traffic. Edith is ranked 569 in the business categories right now. I probably should change categories as my focus really is on personal development. I will work on that. J

– I use Google Analytics to track my traffic. It is a great way to know what is my top content, number of visitors, where are they from, how long they stay on, etc. There are many other engines out there which do exactly the same thing, but I found Google Analytics very user friendly and easy to understand. Just like playing a ball game, you need to know and keep track of your score, right?

Email Signature – This is a very simple thing to do, but I am surprised a lot of people don’t do it. Every time you respond to an email, make sure your signature (with your website) is included. This is how you declare who you are. A lot of my friends (who I forgot to tell that I left corporate) found out about my recent decision to leave corporate America because of this.

Note: I am also working on How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog - Part 2.  Coming soon!

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The Courage Talk – Cindy Solomon

My friend from Oracle invited me to check out Cindy Solomon’s talk at the Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) conference last week.   I really enjoyed Cindy’s talk and I want to share some of the highlights and things I learned from her. The talk took place in the Oracle conference center auditorium, a beautiful conference hall covered with glasses all around.  I estimated there were about 200 Oracle women leaders there.  It was definitely a well organized event. 

As a speaker myself, I found it hard sometimes to get out of the “speaker evaluation” mode.  In terms of presentation technique, Cindy did a great job thanking the host, involved everyone at the very beginning by asking questions that include everybody and her humor was really well received.  You can hardly find any ahs or ums from her speech.  The only thing I would suggest Cindy is to receive and welcome the praise & applause from her audience for a little longer, instead of running off stage right after she is done speaking.  I think she deserved it. 

From the content perspective, here are some of the key points I learned from Cindy’s presentation: 

  • We were taught to color inside the lines.   
  • Companies want us to limit our risk.  We are allowed to take risk as long as we are not going to make any mistakes or lose any money. 
  • What stop us from taking risk?  Our peer, past experience, complacency, basis/assumption, myths, and our fear of unknown. 
  • It is naïve to think that what you have achieved so far is good enough for tomorrow.  (e.g. Blockbuster vs. Netflix) 
  • No one is comfortable risking.  We will never ever have all the information.
  • According to Old English dictionary, the definition of risk is “Imminent danger of assassination”. 
  • Courage is not equal to heroic act.   Courage can be learned.  Courage is not absence of fear. 
  • Quote from Anais Nin:  “Our lives expand or recede based on our ability to be courageous.”
  • I thought this is pretty funny - Silicon Valley is like a beehive for high tech companies. 

Be brave.  Be courageous. My favorite quote from Cindy was “If you believe it, you are it”. 

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Are You Ready to be Very Uncomfortable?

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?  Is it time? Is it the opportunity? Is it the people?  Or is it the comfortable life?

I know and I do understand.The timing just isn’t right.  The opportunity just isn’t there.  Plus you just haven’t met the right people, at least not yet.  Your life is going so well and comfortable right now.  If you go ahead and make the move, you might lose everything you have.   You have a family that you need to take care of.  Your husband or wife may not support or understand you.  Your friends might think you are crazy.Everything you said it’s true.However, you and I both know what the real truth is. The truth is that you hate feeling uncomfortable.  I hate to call you bluff.  You are just afraid of failure. 

I know. I know. Who aren’t afraid of failure?   Everyone does.  So do you.  No one wants to fail.   Neither do you.  Ford once said:  “Either you think you can, or you can’t.  You are right.”  You are always right.   Imagine this.  You are back in your mother’s womb.  You have been very comfortable for 9 months not doing much everyday.  One day, you feel a strange pressure.  It is like a strong tidal wave.  Almost like a tsunami.  You see a strange light from afar and it hurts your eyes.   You are unsure if you want to go, but the strange force pushes you out to the new world anyway.   The whole process is extremely uncomfortable for you.  You don’t quite know what is going on.  You feel rushed.  You feel pressured.    The funny thing is everyone in the new world is so excited to see you.  You open your eyes.  You don’t quite know how to interpret what you see, but you can feel the excitement, the care and the love. 

Can you imagine if you decided right then and there that you didn’t want to come out because you were just too afraid or too uncomfortable?Yep… you are in that womb right now.  But this time there is no pressure or outside force that pushes you to come out.  Of course you can continue to stay where you are and you can stay there for the rest of your life.  But I know you are up for the challenge.  I know you don’t want to just settle for being comfortable.  I know you are willing to push yourself for more.Trust me.  You don’t want to stay there for too long.  You will grow out of it eventually and you will feel it (even you want to admit it or not).

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