How to Improve Your Personal Vibe?

I like Seth’s new blog - “The vibe” which makes me think about a few people who always give me good vibes.

They are just so positive, upbeat, charming and charismatic.  You feel energized around them.  You feel motivated.  You feel you would become a better person if you are with them. 

Now the question is, can you be that person who exuberates the great vibe?   I know you can.  You know you can.   

Here are a few tips that I have learned from those with great vibe:

  • Show Them You Care – The greatest gift you can ever give someone is your attention and care.  If you do care, show them.  They will feel it and reciprocate.  No faking is be allowed.
  • Make Them Feel Important – The most important person in the world is the person who is standing right in front of you now.  This person is spending their own time, energy and money to be there in front of you.  They deserve to feel important.
  • Be Positive – We want and love positive people in this world.  Look at the bright side of things.  Be the light in the dark.  
  • Tell Them Your Rules and Convictions – Tell this person what you stand for.  Confidence and conviction are contagious and admirable.
  • Tell Them Your Stories – Show your friends who you really are by telling them stories.  We all love and remember good stories.  We are all story addicts.
  • Smile – You have a beautiful smile.  Show as many teeth as you can. :D
  • Always Have a Great Time – Dance like no one is watching.  Live like it is your last day.  Always have a great time whenever and wherever you go.

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