Imtreprenuer - A Mastermind Group for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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I started a new meetup group called Imtrepreneur  - a mastermind group for immigrant entrepreneurs living in or near San Francisco & Silicon Valley.  

The goal of Imtrepreneur is to create an environment for entrepreneurs to meet and learn from each other.  Most members are from foreign countries, but not everyone. Whether you are looking to get business advices or finding business partners, you will find Imtrepreneur to be a wonderful way of meeting amazing like-minded entrepreneurs.   

I want all immigrant entrepreneurs, regardless they are expert or new to the world of entrepreneurship to join Imtrepreneur. Imtrepreneur will be an incredibly rewarding experience and an easy way to kick start and improve your business venture, share tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and discuss business models.   

There will be three levels of membership:

- Open enrollment Level - $10 per visit.  With up to 20 entrepreneurs per meeting.  This will provide entrepreneurs a taste of how Imtreprenuer mastermind group works.

- Emerging Leaders Level – Qualified Entrepreneurs only.  With up to 16 emerging entrepreneurs with complimentary expertise and skill sets per meeting.

- Chief Executives Level – By Invitation Only.  With up to 12 chief executives, presidents, or business owners per meeting. 

To Join Imtrepreneur - Open Enrollment Level, click here.

Why focus on Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Based on my research and various studies, I think so there is a market for immigrant entrepreneurs.  See below for details:  ·         (by NVCA.Org)Imagine innovation in

America without Andy Grove, without Jerry Yang, without Sergey Brin — Hungarian, Chinese, and Russian. These immigrants have contributed enormously to innovation and our well-being. ·         Changing Face of Entrepreneurship  - The Immigrant Entrepreneur (by U.S. Census reports that immigrants are currently the fastest-growing segment of small business owners. 

·         (by CNN Money)Nearly half of today’s private, and 20 percent of public, venture-backed start-ups were founded by immigrants despite challenges, study says. 

·         (by 25.3% of the engineering & technology companies started from 1995 – 2005 have at least one key founder was foreign-born. Over half (52.4%) of Silicon Valley startups had one or more immigrants as a key founder, compared with the California average of 38.8%. 

·         (by of the publicly traded, venture capital-backed companies started in the past 15 years in the U.S. were founded by immigrant entrepreneurs… 

·         (by are organization like C.E.O Women which transform women’s lives by helping to  become successful business owners. 

·         Silicon Valley’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs (by Researcher from UC Santa Cruz)Skilled immigrants are a growing presence in Silicon Valley, accounting for one-third of theengineering workforce in most technology firms and emerging as visible entrepreneurs… 

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