First Imtrepreneur Mastermind Meeting Review

Last night I hosted the first Imtrepreneur Mastermind at the Miyako Hotel Boardroom in San Francisco. 

The objective of the is to create a supportive environment for inspired entrepreneurs to meet, learn and help each other grow.  Most members are from foreign countries, but not everyone.  I want Imtrepreneur to be an incredibly rewarding experience for members.   Each Imtrepreneur member would discuss his or her business venture, share tips, and discuss business models, marketing and sales strategy.  Imtrepreneur would be a great opportunity for member to kick start, improve business venture, share tips, problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and discuss business models.

We had six committed entrepreneurs showed up to our first Imtrepreneur Mastermind Meetup last night.  Three of us arrived 15 minutes early at the Miyako Boardroom.  The room was beautiful, professional and well prepared.  We had a great spot and off to a good start.  We had a great mix of people from all over the world including Indonesia, Brazil, US, Pakistan, Poland and Hong Kong with a good variety of industries including social networking software, commercial real estate, network marketing, software consulting and personal development.

We gathered around the long mahogany boardroom table and talked about our passion, business goals, sales and marketing strategy and tactics, corporate direction and many fun and important topics. 

Nothing beats meeting face-to-face and I really enjoyed the chance to connect with other Imtrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do.   In a way, I felt we were like our own Board of Advisors.  You feel alone sometimes when you are your own boss and chief.  Imtrepreneur Mastermind is a great sounding board for all of us.

Woody Allen once said: “80% of success is showing up.”

I want to congratulate everyone who was there last night.  For those of you who wanted to come, but missed last night meeting, don’t worry.  The next meeting is scheduled on July 26th.  You can sign up .

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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