How to Make a Decision?

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You should exercise;

You should eat healthy;

You should call your family;

You should look for another job; but while

You know you should, but … 

There are so many other things you need to do.   There is always something else that comes up.  There isn’t enough time. 

There are so many “shoulds” and “buts” in our life.  We often “should” ourselves without noticing what the all “should” is doing to us.   Whenever you catch yourself hesitate and start “should*ing yourself, you need to answer the following questions: 

  1. If you do this now, how would you feel about you?  
  2. When you commit to this, how would you feel about you?  
  3. When you complete this, how would you feel about you?  

Successful people decide.   They feel good about what they do. They commit to what they do.  They make time to do what they do.  They expect to complete what they do. 

Think about this…What is that you always wanted to do? 

Just do this…Answer the three questions listed above.  Decide.  And do.

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