August 2007

Imtrepreneur Mastermind Meeting August 2007

Last night I hosted the third Imtrepreneur Mastermind Meeting at the Microsoft San Francisco Office.

The objective of the is to create a supportive environment for inspired entrepreneurs to meet, learn and help each other grow.  Most members are from foreign countries, but not everyone.  I want Imtrepreneur to be an incredibly rewarding experience for members.   

Each Imtrepreneur presenter has 15 minutes to discuss his or her business venture/idea.  Imtrepreneur is a great forum for member to kick start, improve business venture, share tips, problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and discuss business models.

Here are our featured Imtrepreneurs last night:


Win Win Business Cards (Alf Marcussen) Originally from Norway, Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor Alf Marcussen has lived in SF for 22 years now. Alf organizes fun social events in San Francisco, invests in Commercial Real Estate, and he is also the Deal Finder with the Abraham Group. His revolutionary yet simple new concept for using a business card does what a business is supposed to do: Be Personal, Create Referrals and Increase Sales.

(Amit Goel) Originally from India, Amit Goel started his over 3.5 million page views per month website right from his home in San Jose. This is an online immigrant tracker website for prospective immigrants. Check out .

Immigration and Nationality Law Office (Dena Wurman)Originally from the U.S, Dena Wurman is an immigration attorney based in San Francisco specializing in business immigration law.  Her company Immigration and Nationality Law Office primary focuses on providing innovative, thoughtful and appropriate solutions to immigration challenges. Dena specializes in helping immigrants or businesses with an urgent immigration problems.

Book So Easy (Akemi lizaka) Originally from the Japan, Akemi Iizuka offers her clients a unique combination of diverse experience and professionalism. With over 16 years of experience in the U.S. and 3 years of business experience in Japan. She is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a certified public accountant in California and Hawaii. Akemi specializes in helping small and growing businesses, and her passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and realize their potential. Her clients represent a broad range of industries.

Velur Enterprises (Prudence Vergara) Originally from the Philippines, Prudence Vergara is a Land investment Consultant for Velur Enterprises. Her goal is to help investors create wealth through land-banking opportunities in Southern California. 


For those of you who wanted to come, but missed last night meeting, don’t worry.  The next meeting is scheduled on September 20th (Thursday).  You can sign up .

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Are We There Yet

When I was little, once a month my uncle would take me to the beach on a sunny day.

The journey from my house to the beach usually took about half an hour. It really wasn’t that long considering the distance, but I was impatient. Living in Hong Kong, you get used to traveling everywhere in a split second. Thirty minutes was just way too long for me.

“Are we there yet?” I would ask this question every 5 minutes.

“We are almost there my dear.” My uncle would say patiently.

When we are young and excited to go somewhere, we usually can’t wait to get there and we will constantly and eagerly ask when we will get there…    

Now we are supposed to be the “grown up”, and instead of asking “are we there yet”, this is what we tell ourselves: 

  • Why do I want to go there anyway?
  • I don’t care if I am there or not.
  • I have better things to do…

We have little patience for anything that is going to take long. We often quit half way through the journey. We often drift towards other “better” destinations. 

We have no time. We have no patience. And we absolutely avoid making commitments. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to once again look forward to something, to get excited and once again ask “Are we there yet?” 

Think About this…

Are you going somewhere worthwhile that you just can’t wait to get to?   

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Be The Best at Just One Thing

I found myself in SOHO last weekend.

When we walked by this famous Japanese restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice the restaurant has no sign. Seriously no sign! Not even the restaurant name itself outside of the restaurant…

“How can a restaurant with no name and no sign be so famous?” I thought to myself.



Little did I know that this place is one of the best sushi restaurants in New York. It opens from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. seven days a week. It takes no reservations and it is packed every night after 7:00 p.m.

This place is owned by the Bromberg brothers who earned first place honors at Le Condon Bleu in Paris. Therefore that explains the name of Blue Ribbon Sushi, the translation of Cordon Bleu which represents first prize and top quality.

Here are some stories about Blue Ribbon Sushi:

  • They serve sushi & sashimi from both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans (not to mention those flown in direct from the Sea of Japan on a daily basis! Who wouldn’t want to taste the best sashimi from all over the world?
  • Only a shark eats fresher” fish than the “buttery” sushi and sashimi served at this place!
  • They serve Miso soup like no one else does! They give you the Miso and hot water. You can mix it up to your own liking.

After hearing these amazing stories, I couldn’t help but salivate and tell myself this…

  • If you are the best in the world, the world will know.
  • If you have good stories that people can understand and tell others, the world will know.
  • When you are the best in the world, you can continue and concentrate to be the best, the world will know.

No advertising. No signs. No hype.

Le Condon Bleu. Only quality. Purely word of mouth.

Think About This…

If you could choose to be the best at one thing, what would you choose to be?

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Visiting New York

I love New York City. I always look forward to visiting New York.

Bright neon signs on high rise buildings. New Yorkers walking down the street. People playing chess in the park.

I love New York City not just because of it’s amazing energy, sumptuous food or millions of people.

I love New York City because it is a place that feels just like home. It is a city very similar to Hong Kong which also has the same amazing energy, sumptuous food and millions of people.

Don’t you also have one of those places?

A place that reminds you of home.

A place that makes you smile.

A place that makes you feel at ease.

A place that makes you feel like you belong.

Think About This…

If you could chose right now to be anywhere in the world, where would you be now?


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Disempowering Phrases Successful People Never Say

Many of you loved the 7 Phrases Successful People Would Never Say article and sent me some great additions to the list. Thank you. I do believe it’s important for one’s own self-development to be aware of what you think, say and do, so I figure I would write another article to list out these great additions of disempowering words. The idea is to catch yourself, or others, whenever you think, say or hear these phrases. 

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” To echo Aristotle, I would paraphrase by saying “We are what repeatedly say. Success then, is not by accident, but an intention.” Intend your success.

Get rid of these phrases from your thoughts and your speech today and start to think, say and do like the successful person you know you are!

1. It is not fair

Life is never fair. If you truly care about something, instead of blaming the world for it,  accept responsibility for yourself and your results and go after what you want.

2. I don’t care

No one wants to waste time on someone who doesn’t care. Even if you truly don’t care, do not hurt other people’s feeling for whom they may care.

3. It doesn’t matter to me…

You may say this when:

  • You are lazy and don’t want to think about it right now
  • You are trying to be polite and let the other person choose
  • You really don’t care

Instead of saying “It doesn’t matter to me”, say this:

  • I am flexible on this
  • I respect your opinion on this.
  • I am fine with your choice.

4. Whatever…

This is a catch-all response for kids which can mean many things. Every time you say “Whatever…” people might think you are saying:

  • I don’t care
  • This is end of the conversation.
  • You can say whatever you want.

I found an interesting article from the BBC explains the full history of this word . The bottom line is successful people don’t use the word whatever.

5. I could’ve thought of that

You either thought of it or you did not. And even if you did think of it, you either did something about it or you didn’t.  The past is the past. Let’s move on and start thinking about the future. This phrase adds no value to your communication.

6. It’s not my fault

Successful people take 100% responsibility of everything that happens around them.  Who cares who fault it is? What really matters is how you are going to solve the problem now?

Just Do This…

Combined with the 7 phrases from the last article, I challenge you to eliminate these 13 phrases for the next 2 weeks.  See if you can do this.  I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a more positive attitude in your own life. 

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