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This week I want to do something a little different and fun. Instead of writing articles about different topics everyday, I will focus on just one topic and one of the touchiest subjects of all, money.   

Thanks to those who submitted various questions about the subject of money which gave me this idea. Although I still have so many writing ideas which can last me for months, I want to focus on helping you and do my best to provide some honest, thoughtful and hopefully useful opinion about the subject of money. 

Ask Edith – Submit Your Questions 

If you have any question about money that you want me to answer this week, just use the contact form and make sure the subject line starts with “The Money Series”. That way I will know you are submitting specifically for this series and answer them within this week.

You are welcomed to ask me any questions related to money that you want. I want to know what you have in mind and what you need help on.  I won’t have answers for everything, but I will do my best to share my personal experience and opinion on certain money topics that are within my domain of experience and expertise. 

Things to keep in mind when you submit a question 

  • I won’t pretend to know everything about money because I certainly don’t.  All answers are based on my personal experience and study about money.  Your experience will certainly be different and I have no control over that.
  • I am not a financial advisor and I have no idea about your background or expertise.  Some people make money from the stock market and some from selling burger.  You won’t find the “perfect” answer, but you will find my honest answers.
  • No question is dumb question.  Just ask.  At the very least, you have a shot at getting potentially helpful answers to something that you need help on.
  • I am expecting a lot of emails this week. So…don’t get upset if your questions are not answered.  I will do my best to address everyone’s questions.
  • Your questions may be grouped with other similar questions for the benefit for other readers.
  • I may slightly generalize your questions such that other readers can benefit from the answers as well. 

Looking forward to your questions. J   It will be a fun MONEY week.  This series will last till August 11th, 2007.

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