Do You Must Series

Last week’s “The Money Series” was a great success. I had almost 3000 visitors in just one week! Thank you for the excellent questions for those who participated last week. J

This week I want to focus on yet another series that is a little different and fun. Instead of writing articles about money, I want to focus on things that we must do… as a friend, entrepreneur, immigrant, girlfriend and daughter.

Why I am doing this?

We all entitled to our own opinion about what we must do as we play different roles in life. Many of us know what we should or could do, but we often don’t do it because of various reasons and excuses.  I want this week series to serve as reminders for all of us what we MUST do.

As Yoda would say “Try You Mustn’t Do You Must.”

Your “Do You Must” Opinion

If you have any opinion about you must do as a friend, entrepreneur, immigrant, girlfriend and daughter that you want me to include in this week article, feel free to use the contact form and make sure the subject line starts with “Do You Must”. That way I will know you are submitting specifically for this series and include them accordingly within this week.

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