Are We There Yet

When I was little, once a month my uncle would take me to the beach on a sunny day.

The journey from my house to the beach usually took about half an hour. It really wasn’t that long considering the distance, but I was impatient. Living in Hong Kong, you get used to traveling everywhere in a split second. Thirty minutes was just way too long for me.

“Are we there yet?” I would ask this question every 5 minutes.

“We are almost there my dear.” My uncle would say patiently.

When we are young and excited to go somewhere, we usually can’t wait to get there and we will constantly and eagerly ask when we will get there…    

Now we are supposed to be the “grown up”, and instead of asking “are we there yet”, this is what we tell ourselves: 

  • Why do I want to go there anyway?
  • I don’t care if I am there or not.
  • I have better things to do…

We have little patience for anything that is going to take long. We often quit half way through the journey. We often drift towards other “better” destinations. 

We have no time. We have no patience. And we absolutely avoid making commitments. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to once again look forward to something, to get excited and once again ask “Are we there yet?” 

Think About this…

Are you going somewhere worthwhile that you just can’t wait to get to?   

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One Response to “Are We There Yet”

  1. on 01 Sep 2007 at 8:26 am

    Hey Edith,

    Sometimes we forget it’s all about the journey, not the one magical fraction of a second when you arrive… there’s a lot of magic and joy in always having something to look forward to.

    Have an awesome day!
    Dan & Jennifer

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