Your Frequent Flyer Dream Account

Imagine you have a frequent flyer account for your dream. The more you think and act upon your dream, the faster your dream will come true. 

Since your frequent flyer dream account has been quiet, the dream provider decided to send you a note: 

(The following letter is inspired by the Delta Sky Miles letter that I received recently.) 


Dear You, 

Where have you been?  

Your frequent flyer dream account has been quiet, but we want you back.  

While your account has been inactive for quiet some time (almost two years, or may be more… But who is counting?), you still have time to prevent your dream from expiring.

The beauty of the frequent flyer dream program is that you have many easy ways – at work and at home – to keep your dream active, including:

  • Paying a non-refundable dream activation fee at to keep your dream active for an additional two years and get 1,000 bonus dream miles
  • Start exercising your dream team membership to keep your miles from expiring.  Don’t know what it is? Apply now for the Gold Dream Team Program and receive your first year for free by visiting your or calling 800-dream-big between 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. PST. Plus you can earn additional 25,000 bonus dream miles
  • Earning dream miles through one of our 100 dream partners, including goal setting, planning, persistence, giving, exercising, thinking big, positive attitude, and courage
  • Redeeming your dream at more than 999 worldwide dream locations
  • Buying dream for yourself or your family at with no transaction fee 

We hope to hear from you soon. Participate in the dream program and join the millions of members every year who have redeemed their dreams at thousands of dream destinations. 


Your Frequent Flyer Dream Program 


Think About This…

Where have you been?  What is your dream? Have you done anything towards your dream lately?

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