The Integrity Test

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I found this amazingly funny integrity questionnaire from this book “” by William J. Byron and thought you may find it interesting. 

Go through each question below and answer Yes or No.  Keep track of your yeses.  The scoring is at the end of this post!  Have fun! 

Your Business Relationships (after each question, mark a Yes or No response): 

  1. Do you violate proper office-hour procedure by arriving late, or leaving early, or by tracking lengthy lunch periods or coffee breaks?
  2. Do you pad your business expense accounts by overstating mileage, hotel, food, telephone items, etc?
  3. Do you participate in business practices that might be classified as “kickbacks,” “under-the-table payments,” or “bribing”?
  4. Have you ever claimed credit at work for the ideas or labors of someone else?
  5. Do you “borrow” stamps from the office supply for personal use and then forget to pay for them or replace them?
  6. Have you received benefits through improper reporting relative to welfare relief, unemployment or workmen’s compensation, or GI dependency?
  7. Have you placed that blame on someone else for your own mistakes at work?
  8. Do you use company time or facilities (telephone, car, office, etc.) for personal business?
  9. Do you pass off most of your responsibility to colleagues to free yourself for your own personal pursuits?
  10. Do you take “approved leaves,” ostensibly for company business or sickness, when, in fact, they are for personal reasons?
  11. Do you take meals in public places, or pick up magazines or newspapers at stands, and walk off without paying?
  12. Do you entertain (at the theatre, sports, etc.), or give gifts to your personal friends or family, and then charge it to business expense?
  13. Do you eve claim credit for overtime work at the office or for time spent away from the office “on business” when, in fact, it is otherwise?
  14. Do you knowingly order merchandise for a specific purpose and then return it after it has served its purpose?
  15. Do you take home and keep office supplies or equipment for your personal use
  16. Have you knowingly accepted overpayments in change from merchants without return it?

Your Private Relationships (after each question mark a Yes or No response): 

  1. Have you claimed income-tax deductions by improperly listing a child, parents, or other dependent?
  2. Have you circumvented government rationing procedures on gas, food, etc.?
  3. Have you cheated at sports, such as tennis, golf, or at cards, crossword puzzles, etc.?
  4. Did you try to beat traffic laws through speeding, illegal turns, parking violations, etc.?
  5. Do you shortchange the government on your income-tax return by overstating charitable deductions, interest payments, retail taxes paid, medical payments, etc.?
  6. Have you used connections to “fix” traffic violations?
  7. Do you sponge on your neighbors by using their TV, consuming their drinks, their snacks, etc,. without any attempt to reciprocate?
  8. Are you a “seat jumper” at theatres, sports events, etc. (buy a @2 seat but occupy at $5 seat)?
  9. Do you sometimes find yourself “tapping” the house funds or the kids’ “piggy bank” without returning the “loan”?
  10. Do you sometimes connect your outside home electrical appliances, water, etc. to your neighbors’ outlets?
  11. Do you tell your spouse that your are out with the boys (for men) or girls (for women) when, in fact, it is otherwise?
  12. Do you cheat your spouse by overstating home operating-expense (for women) or normal incidental work expenses (for men)?
  13. Do you frequently use someone else’s automobile without any thought of paying for or replacing the gas used?

Last Question

Have you answered any the above questions with a “no,” when in your heart you knew it should be “yes”? 


 “Yes” answers to questions in either group (plus the Jackpot Question) should be rated this:

  • Zero rates an A (Excellent);
  • 1-2 gets a B (Fair),
  • 3-4 merits a C (Weak but Satisfactory);
  • 5 and over rings up a D (Failure). 

Think About This…

A wise man once said: Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. I have to admit.  I was a failure according to this test.

What is your score?

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