When Good Enough is not Enough

My friend Kathleen has been looking for a new job for quite a while. She called yesterday. “I finally got an offer” she sounded relieved and excited.

“Congratulation!” I was very excited for her.

“Should I take it?” I was surprised she hasn’t accepted the offer already.

“Well.. the job is good enough. The company is fine. The salary is better. The benefit is okay. There is nothing wrong with it, but there isn’t anything great about it. It is good to have options, but this new place doesn’t seem to be that much better than my old place.” she said slowly.

My friend is tired of the “good enough”.

Good enough is the value meal from McDonald. Good enough is the clean bed in Motel 6. Good enough means there is nothing to be excited about.  But it is good enough.

The question is why would she want to go from one place that is already good enough to another place that just good enough?

The answer is there is no point.

It is the same reason why it is not necessary to taste another cheeseburger from a different McDonald. It is the same reason why it is no need to try sleeping on another bed in a different Motel 6.

Good enough is safe, predictable, and it is also boring.

Now you may ask. Why in the world anyone would want to hang on to something that boring?

The answer is simple and it is the same reason why it is boring in the first place. Good enough is safe, predictable, boring and it is also comfortable.

It is the same reason why people don’t leave their job even they are unhappy. It is the same reason why people don’t leave a relationship even they are miserable.

Getting rid of the good enough is risky, unpredictable and very uncomfortable. But don’t forget it is also exciting, stimulating and extremely refreshing.

And deep down… you know good enough is just not enough. At least not for you anyway.

Think About this..

When good enough is no longer enough, what are you going to do?

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