How You are Impacting the World (Blog Action Day)

(Excerpt from Design e2):
Was it a conscious decision?
Or momentarily lapse of reasons?
How did progress take priority over human kind?

Could harnessing the world’s energy that allowed our ascent now be the lynch pin of our downfall?

Could it be we are connected to all things in the universe but not the center of it?

That decision in Washington affects the mountain places in Peru.
Deforestation in the Amazon affects the heat wave of Paris.
That power plant in China affects the air quality in Los Angeles.

It is about facing what seem to be insurmountable challenges for what they really are.
It is time for us to rethink and bring out our environmental consciousness.

This is the opportunity for us to reinvent and redesign.

In support of the Blog Action Day, I want to help you to rethink and elevate your awareness of planet earth. What seem to be small choices that you make are impacting the environment.

Think About this

How much gasoline do you consume every day?
Do you know that in order to eliminate poverty; some countries have to address the most basic of human needs – energy…

How are you impacting the world?

What are you doing to save your planet earth?

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