The Man Without Arms

We often look at what do not have, instead of what we do have.

In the early 1960’s, over 13,000 babies around the world were deformed because of a morning sickness drug, Thalidomide. Alvin Law was born without arms after his birth mother, thinking it was completely safe, used just a couple of the tiny pills. Their lives were changed forever.

Yet, what may have become a tragic life story did not turn out that way. Alvin’s foster family did not focus on what he was missing. Instead, they put faith on Alvin and his ability to use his feet for hands.

Today, Alvin exemplifies the belief in the power of a positive attitude and the importance of loving support. Not only is Alvin a completely independent and remarkable human being, he is also a fantastic speaker and living proof that out of nothing and without limbs can rise greatness.

I first found out about Alvin from Bob Proctor during one of his talks on the cruise. I looked up Alvin this morning and found this Youtube video of him. This video speaks for itself. It doesn’t matter that Alvin has no arms. He is funny, inspiring and profound.

I love these two quotes from the video:

•I don’t think there is an answer. There is just thought.

•I believe in self fulfilling prophecy. What you feel you are and what you feel you can be is what you will become.

Think About This
If Alvin can get this far, how far can you go?

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