10 Ways to Successful Blogging (Cavity Sam Style)

A couple of weeks ago it was my great pleasure to meet , the co-founder and VP of Innovation of Elastic Path Software, at the Online Market World 2007 in San Francisco.

Jason gave an excellent presentation about blogging being the center of operation for social media and he cleverly used Cavity Sam to illustrate his ideas about blogging.

Here is a summary of his presentation:

1)Butterflies in the stomach
Just like Cavity Sam’s butterflies in the stomach. Timing is everything for blogging. If you want to join the wonderful world of blogging, you need to get your feet wet and start doing it NOW!

2)Adam’s Apple
You need to develop your own voice and personality though your blog and blog posts.

3) Wishbone
Building a blog is not enough… you also need to establish your own community presence and reputation before any traffic will come.

4) Writer’s Cramp
Do you suffer from the writer’s cramp syndrome? The name of the game is consistency. We all need to pace ourselves and regular develop blog posts on a consistent basis. You can’t have 10 blog posts in one day then nothing the next day.

5) Brain Freeze
Just like the ice cream in Cavity Sam’s head, we all have brain freeze once it a while. When that happens, invite guest bloggers or re-introduce some previous materials to your blog.

6) Funny Bone
We all need to develop our own funny bone. Most famous blogs have their “anchor” posts that attract the crowd. Do you have an anchor post?

7) Broken Heart
Too much of a good thing (traffic) could be bad sometimes. Is your blog or website ready for it? Do you have a contingency plan when you made it to the front page of Digg.com?

8 ) Spare Ribs
Healthy spare ribs (the linking & related posts) are what bind successful blogs together. Are you keeping your spare ribs healthy?

9) Bread Basket
Be careful with spam comments and use filters to protect your blog!

10) Missing pieces
What was left off Cavity Sam? You also have to be careful about his Life Blood (RSS), Eye Spy (SEO), and Ear Wax (Listening).

Hope you enjoy Jason’s analogies as much as I did. To learn more about Jason and his company, click .

Other resources (that were also mentioned in this session):
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  1. on 04 Dec 2007 at 4:42 pm

    There’s one thing bloggers often forget. Holidays. A good holiday always freshens you up. If you’re worried about not posting just write a few and give them to someone else to publish for you, or get software to do it.

    But without good holidays a blogger (and anyone else) goes stale

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