Getrude Matshe Born on the Continent

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Getrude Matshe has this quote on the back of her business card:

One of the wonderful things about life is you have the chance to write the script, be the director and star in your own epic.

I met Getrude Matshe on my first day of the Bob Proctor’s cruise on October 6, 2007. Little did I know that meeting Getrude was alone already worth my entire trip. In a quiet stateroom on the beautiful Oosterdam cruise ship, Getrude and I talked for hours and this is what I learned about Getrude Matche…

Getrude is a survivor, a true inspirational and motivational speaker, mother of three beautiful children (Simba, Ziyanda and Dumisani), wife, author and founder of three successful companies in New Zealand.

Getrude was originally from a small village in Zimbabwe. She said her parents were the ones who taught her how to think big and dream. They taught her that for a black person to compete in a white man’s world, you need to be able to compete by getting yourself educated, work hard, persevere, and be determined.

Getrude said she was lucky to be poor. She truly appreciates her origin and understands her purpose on earth is to serve and make a difference to as many people on the Africa continent as she can. She currently looks after 150 children from her immediate family. Her grandmother had 34 grandchildren, 19 of them have died from HIV, thereby leaving an average of 4-8 children parentless.

Getrude is living proof that one can manifest their dream into reality. She recently spoke in London at an event called Akasha 2007 where she shared the stage with people including Bob Proctor and John Demartini.

If you ever have the chance to meet Getrude, I can assure you too, will be inspired.

Check out her latest message from YouTube “One Cup of Coffee”.

Getrude taught me how to truly believe and have faith in my dream. You will never know everything that lies ahead nor for sure what your next step will be. The most important thing is to take the first step. Then take another step. Focus on one step at a time. 

P.S. Getrude just turned 40 this year and was grateful to live past the typical life expectancy of a Zimbabwean female which is 32.  You can find out more about Getrude at .

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