A Perfect Day

You wake up early in the morning. It is five o’clock and you can’t go back to sleep for some reason. You just can’t wait to get up.

You are excited and looking forward to your new day. Today is going to be an amazing day. You can just feel it.

You walk out of the balcony. Take a deep breath. The sky is still pink and the city is barely awake. You say to yourself, “What a glorious day!” You visualize your perfect day and start smiling. Life is just so good and you are alive!

You put on your running shoes. Run to the top of the mountain behind your mansion. You can see the sun that’s just barely risen up. You can smell the fresh air. The birds are singing. The morning dew is barely hanging at the tip of the Eucalyptus tree leaf.

You can hear the bell ringing from afar. It is six o’clock now and it is time to get ready for the day. You run back to the house in lighting speed. Sweating and excited. “You look fantastic and amazingly healthy” you say to yourself in the mirror.

You eat some fresh fruit listening to BBC world news at the same time. You hear the UN is in need for aid in Africa for children in literacy. You say to yourself “I am glad I will be meeting them later today and help them on this”.

You take the elevator down from your penthouse apartment straight to the garage. You find your brand new red Porche sitting there waiting for you. It is the latest Cayman S.

(I saw this car on the street yesterday. I really couldn’t help but take this picture with my Blackberry Pearl)

You hop in and zoom to the office in 10 minutes. You office has a huge window with a view of the city skyline. You sit down. Your assistant is smiling and happy that you are back.

You close your eyes holding the hot cup of tea in your hand. It’s only 8:00 a.m. You prioritize and visualize all your accomplishments for the day while the hot steam is coming to your face. You remind yourself that you need to call your family tonight. The yearly family trip to Lake Como is coming up.

Your first appointment has arrived and it is Colin Powell. You both will be speaking at the same benefit tomorrow and he wants your opinion. You gave him your thoughts about his new ideas. He leaves with a big smile on his face and thank you for your time.

You then meet with the UN ambassador and discuss how to help Africa. You know at least ten other great friends will want to support you on this.

You speak at the world leadership luncheon downtown. The audience is extremely inspired and motivated by your talk. Right after the talk, you get a call from Bill Clinton inviting you to speak at his next world council event. Your family also left you a voicemail saying how proud they are of you.

You feel great. You feel accomplished. At last, you are serving your purpose and you love it.

Think About This
Isn’t this a great start for a beautiful day? What is your perfect day like?

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