Eleven Lessons Learned from Starting My Own Business

I had a blast sharing with a group of entrepreneurship students last week at Berkeley. The topic was “Eleven Lessons Learned from Starting My Own Business”.

They really like the slides I put together and I thought you might like it as well. Here is my presentation (in PDF) if you are interested.

Click link below to download my presentation:

To recap, the eleven lessons are:
1. Find the Pain
2. Sell it First
3. Build Systems for Everything
4. Network Network Network
5. Tell a Story
6. Love your Business
7. Speak Multiple Languages
8. Find Mentors
9. Build Emotion Equity
10. Always Give First
11. Dream Big and Do the Impossible

My favorite picture is Lesson Eight with the big & small lions drinking water next to each other.

My favorite lesson is Lesson One “Find the Pain”. If you are not solving problems for someone on a daily basis, your business won’t go anywhere. Even you have the greatest sales person on earth – it doesn’t matter. Even you have the greatest systems in the world, it doesn’t matter. If there is no pain, there is little or no gain.

Same theory applies to the corporate world. The most important projects always get the people, money and resources. The people who involve in these projects usually get promotion & raise they ask for. This isn’t that hard to understand right?

It is not about how great you are. It is about the problems you are solving right now.

Think About This
What problems are you solving right now?

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