What Do You Have Time for

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Here is a story about a doctor and a patient:

The patient came to the doctor and said: ‘Doctor, I am sick.’

Doctor said: ‘Let me ask you a few questions first. Do you exercise?’

Patient said: ‘No. I don’t have time for that.’

Doctor said: ‘Do you eat well?’

Patient said: ‘No. I am too busy.’

Doctor said: ‘Do you sleep well?

Patient said: ‘No. I have too much to do.’

Doctor said: ‘Do you drink enough water?

Patient said: ‘Probably not. I have no time. Doctor, just tell me the truth about my sickness’

Doctor said: ‘The truth is you need to eat, sleep, exercise and drink lots of water.’

Patient said: ‘This cannot be true. I have no time for this. You are no good. I will find another doctor.’

Think About This
What do you have time for?

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