When Bill Gates leaves Microsoft…

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My first conference of the year is CES, Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. This is supposed to be the world largest consumer technology tradeshow with over 140,000 attendees.

I am now sitting in a crowded ballroom with 4000 other people waiting for our first keynote speaker Bill Gates. I am surprised to see attendees lining up 4 ½ hours before for the chance to see Gates. Fortunately, CES is willing to give special seating privilege for bloggers. I am now sitting in the front section of the ballroom with a clear view of Gates.

It is definitely an experience to watch Bill Gates’ last keynotes speech at CES and I really enjoy this video he put together for his last day at Microsoft.

Watch Bill …

This is what I learn about Bill:

1) He can’t sing
2) He can’t act
3) He can’t talk
4) He can’t run for office
5) And … he can’t drive

But he sure is funny. 

Happy Friday!

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