How to Develop a Successful Business Pitch?

I know all of you are excited and in love with your business, but how well do you describe it to your potential customers, partners and investors?

I was reading this article from American Express Open (Small Business Division) about pitching your business and thought I would share a few lessons I learned from reading it.

Set Yourself Apart
What make your business unique? What is your unique selling proposition?
How do you want people to feel about your business? You don’t just sell cat food. You sell delicate Fancy Feast with slow grilled wild salmon Florentine witha delicate sauce simmered in fragrance reduction…etc..

Come up with some memorable phrases even you will get excited about when you hear them.

Show Your Passion
What is it about your business that gets you excited? Show your emotion, feeling and passion when you talk about your business.

Define the Problem
What kind of problem is your business solving? Are you saving any time? Money? Reducing pain? Or becoming more productive? Remember, no one knows your business the way you do. Take your time and define the problem for them.

Develop a Signature Story
Here is a great example of a signature story – Will it Blend. This is my personal favorite from last year.

Develop a story about your business so people will remember.

Statistics Helps
Concrete numbers always help. Talk about how much money your customers save or how many you have helped. Along with your signature story, you will appear a lot more creditable and trust-worthy.

Talk Benefit, Not Jargon
Be honest. All these Web 2.0 and new marketing terms drive me crazy …. Your customers don’t really care about Web 2.0 or 3.0 if it doesn’t show results. What are the benefits? Talk in simple and common sense terms so they can understand.

Tailor Your Pitch
You don’t always give the same pitch to different people. If you are in a networking event, keep it short. If you are on a sales call, talk benefit and pricing. If you are with potential investors, talk return on investment.

Now… whatever you do, let your personality shine through your pitch. Get out there and tell the world your story. You can do it.

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    I especially like the point of tailoring your pitch… you can tell if it hasn’t been!

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