Six Steps to Building a Solid Team


Early on in my corporate days, I learned that having a rock solid team could make your life a lot easier. If you have a good team that can deliver and getting things done, you can accomplish so much more and create a much greater impact for your customers, partners and investors.

So how do you find the best people for your team? Here are a few steps I would like to share with you:

Step 1 - Know Thy Self
What kind of skills do you have and what kind of complimentary skill-sets are you looking for? Are you a visionary, leader, doer or supporter? And what kind of people do you need on your team?

gives the best definitions:

-Visionaries: They’re highly visible and articulate; they “see” the future of your company as well as new markets you should enter. And they’ll wow prospective clients and financiers.

-Leaders: This is your executive management; they make their mission everyone else’s. A great leader can inspire and motivate people to do anything.

-Doers: These are the people who make things happen. They build the products/services and market and sell them.

-Infrastructure Builders/Supporters: They create the foundation, processes, and procedures to keep the company running smoothly and enable it to grow.

I would like to add a couple more:

-Advisers: They are the go to people and the “been there and done that” people. They could be industry expert, model customer, credibility booster, and several savvy business people with great connections.

-Investors: People with CASH! They believe in your mission and willing to use their time and money to support you all the way.

Step 2 - Identify Qualities that Rock
Once you know what types of people you are looking for, you should also define a list of qualities & personalities whom you want on the team. Wouldn’t it be great if you have someone who has:
- Positive Attitude and good energy
- Smart
- Getting Things Done
- Team player
- Commitment
- Time Management
- Previous Experience
- Fast Learner
Look. No one is perfect, but you do have to be very careful in choosing the right personalities for your team. Trust your gut. If it feels like a bad choice, it probably is.

Step 3 - Develop an Inspiring Vision & Mission
Develop a vision or mission that is so amazing that everyone would want to be part of. As Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker (Spider Man), “With great power comes great responsibility.” I would say “With great vision comes great people.” Hold on to that vision. The right people will come along.

Step 4 - Act Quickly
If you feel you have found the right person, ask them to join your team right away. Trust your gut feeling and go for it. Great people do exist but they don’t come around often. Act fast!

Step 5 - Set Expectation
You feel good about the person. You ask them to join the team. They join and now what? Well… you need to set the right expectation and communicate continously. Let them know what you are looking for. If things are not working out, at least they know why. Remind them of your vision and help them to succeed.

Step 6 - Fire them Quickly
If things are not working, don’t drag on. Let them go quickly. Don’t waste your time trying to change one’s personality or work style. You should spend time on developing the business not counseling.

Final Word
The bottom line is you need to be really picky about who you spend time with. Know what you are looking for, identify the right personalities, develop a great vision, act quickly when find the right person, set the right expectation and fire them quickly if you need to.

Building businesses is really fun when you surround yourself with the right people. Have fun!

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