The Business Plan of Life

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I went to my friend’s Patrick’s meetup group event tonight and their guest speaker was Jim Horan, the guy who wrote this book called “The One Page Business Plan”.

The concept was simple. Just one page. While you are developing this one page plan, you will start asking yourself some really simple but important questions about your business:

- Your Vision - What kind of business are you building?
- Your Mission - Why does it exist?
- Your Objective - How do you measure your success?
- Your Strategies - How will this business be built and managed over time?
- Your Action Plans - What actions you need to take to achieve these objectives?

This really gets me thinking… if you ever write a one page business plan for your life. What would be in it and how are you going to answer these questions?

- Your Life Vision - What kind of life are you building?
- Your Life Mission - Why do you exist?
- Your Life Objective - How do you measure your life success? What needs to happen for you to say your life is a success?
- Your Life Strategies - How are you building your life?
- Your Action Plans - What actions you need to take NOW to make your vision come true?

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2 Responses to “The Business Plan of Life”

  1. on 05 Feb 2008 at 8:21 pm

    R U lucky or what! To have Jim as a speaker.

    I attended a class he taught back in 2000. Changed my whole business around. I loved the simple process so much that I started using it with my own clients.
    Now, I won’t take on a new client w/o them agreeing to do their plan within 30 days — I found it to be that important.

    Here are some other things the process has been used for (changing some of the words as you have done.)

    1) Life Plan
    2) Career Plan
    3) Department Plan
    4) Plan to hire a new employee/consultant
    5) Plan to get divorced
    6) Plan to not get divorced
    7) Family Plan
    8) Business Plan (of course)
    9) Business Plan that ended up with them realizing that business was “not their thing” — at this time.
    10) Non for profit plan
    11) Plan for their job
    12) Plan for moving– or not moving.
    I bet there are even more that you can think of, too!

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