The Rubber Bands Challenge

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I went to the opening ceremony of the Stanford Entrepreneur Week and 2008 Innovation Tournament kickoff yesterday.

This year challenge is to create as much value as possible using rubber bands. Participants can use as many rubber bands as they want, of any size, shape, or color. Value can be measured on any scale the students choose. Value comes from actually implementing the ideas and delivering results. This contest is to open to students from all over the world. Hum… I wonder if I would qualify as the student of hard knock.. 

Here are a few suggestions I have for the students while embarking on this journey of rubber bands:

  • Pay attention and actively listening to your teammates’ idea
  • Respect everyone’s idea
  • Build on each other’s idea
  • No censoring on idea
  • Think the impossible - Imagine it!
  • Forget about the “how-to” for a second
  • Just do it!

Here is a little sneak peek of last year’s contest using Post-it note challenge:

Think About It..
What value would you create with these rubber bands?

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