Are You a Persuader? (My DISC Assessment)

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My friend Howard Miller did a really fun assessment for me the other day. Howard is an awesome executive coach and also one my friend from NSA. I thought I will give him some credit here since he was kind enough to spend time and explain my result in details. 

This assessment is called the DISC. It only took me 15 minutes to complete, but I was amazed how accurate the result was… (at least for me).

I want to share my result with you because this totally explains why I am doing what I am doing…and the words they use and the descriptions sound almost is written specific for me.

This is just a short excerpt from the detailed report:

“Edith, you are high in the influence dimension. As a result, you are likely to be focused on shaping your environment by influencing or persuading others. You seek contact with all types of people and enjoy making favorable impressions. You look for opportunities to generate enthusiasm and gain popularity. People high in influence accomplish goals through others, and social recognition is important factors in that equation. Their decision –making style is more often than not based on “gut feel” rather than facts and figures.”

“As a Persuader, Edith, you tend to have a naturally positive outlook that draws people to you. (It’s true). By being friendly to others, you most likely seek to create a comfortable environment where relationships are solidified and enhanced. Because you usually display an open manner and an outgoing nature, you probably are able to gain the respect and trust of many different types of people. In turn, you are likely to trust others as a mater of habit. You ability to establish mutual respect, even when amount diverse individual or in disparate social setting, tends to give you a poised and confident air.”

How well do you know your work style? How well do you know your true motivation?

Are you an achiever or a persuader like me?

If you also want to try out the DISC assessment, go to or contact Howard directly.

Just a thought…

Do you think Obama is also a persuader?

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