Is Your Website Talking to Your Customer?

Most companies make the mistake of building a website for themselves, but not for their potential customers.

You often see websites with some of these menu choices:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Products & Services

Don’t forget the reason why people go to your website is not because they really want to find out about you (even though this could be true sometimes). But, 80% of the time they are looking for something that is relevant to them.

Here is a great website that is truly speaking to their customers – Will it Blend (by Blentec). Here are some of their menu choices:

  • Don’t Try This @ Home
  • Try This @ Home
  • Suggest Something To Blend
  • Tell a friend

Their focus is obviously about making their products interesting to their customer and not all about selling…

P.S. here are some statistics about

  • Alexa Ranking: 59607
  • Google Page Rank: 6/10
  • Over 12,800 Inbound link to Will It (Just type linkto: on Google)
  • Over 3.7 millions references of Will It Blend on Google
  • Over 4 million views of Will it Blend –
  • Over 60,000 subscribers to Blendec YouTube group

By the way, did I mention Blendec was founded in 1975? If a 33 years old company can do this, what is your excuse?

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