A Very Cold Cold Call

An enthusiastic woman voice called me yesterday. “Edith! How are you?”

“I am doing great!” I answered slowly meanwhile running through my mental rolodex thinking who is this person on the other end of the line.

“Edith, it’s so good to hear your voice. I want to tell you this really good news!”

I started to feel bad. “I am sorry. But I am having a hard time remember where and when we met. What is your name?”

She told me her name and surprisingly didn’t sound that upset that I forgot about her name.

I repeated her name over the phone and hoped that it will trigger my memory of her unique name, but no… I still couldn’t recall…“I am very sorry. But I still couldn’t remember where and when we met. Can you remind me?” I said apologetically.

“Did you go to this conference?” She asked randomly.

“No.” I have never been to that conference before.

“Did you go to this event?”

“No…” now I am suspicious.

“Did you go to this other thing hosted by this person?” she asked again.

Finally she brought up an event name that sounds familiar but that was two years ago… “Yes…” I said slowly.

“That must be where we met!” she said enthusiastically. “I have a great money making opportunity I want to share with you. You don’t want to miss it!”

I was trapped! She trapped me with her warm and energetic voice. The reality was that she has been calling every phone numbers she could possibly get hold of so she can sell her new money making opportunity.

I wasn’t a friend. I was just another phone number in her pile of old business cards and there you have it.

I don’t oppose to cold calling and I do applaud those who make the effort, but here are a few dos & don’ts for cold caller out there:

- Practice the correct pronunciations of the person’s name
- Write down when/where/how you met this particular person
- Understand what this person really care about (you will be surprise what you can find on the internet these days)
- Ask for Permission – show your respect by asking if it is the right time to talk
- Practice your 30 second elevator pitch (get to the point!)

- Don’t pretend you are someone’s best friend if you have never talked to this person before
- Don’t guess where you have met this person if you are not sure
- Don’t use these overused buzz words such “money-making”, “income-generating” and “nine income streams”. (Think about how you would normally talk to your closed friends and family)
- Don’t waste people’s time

P.S. This energetic voice didn’t get what she was hoping for. I hanged up very shortly after the “money making” part and moved on with my life.

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