Blue Chips Strategy

Not only because of its amazing taste and funny looking color of naturally blue potatoes, you can learn quite a few marketing strategies from eating these potato chips.

Here are just a few ideas…

Terra Blues is the Official Snack of JetBlue Airways
When you purchase a bag of Terra Blues, you will find a stamp on the front to the bag that says “The Official Snack of JetBlue Airways”.

Aren’t you curious how the official snack of JetBlue taste?

What other snack brand do you know has a strategic partnership with an airline? By partnering with jetBlue, Terra Blues no longer has to fight for shelf space attention, they have guaranteed attention from every passengers of on all JetBlue flights.

If potato chips can do this, what partnership can you form?

Terra Blues has a Story
Check out the back of the Terra Blues bag, you will find this story:

“Originating in South American, the Peruvian Blue Potato has been farmed from Argentina to Paraguay. And now, cultivated in North American, it’s heartier than ever. With its unusual, naturally-occurring bluish-purple pigmentation and dense texture, the Blue Potato is prized by chefs and gourmet cooks around the world.”

Doesn’t it sound tasty?

The Blues Language

The Terra Blues marketers have successfully created its own language. Here are a few lines to ponder…
Vibrant bluish-purple in color with a slightly nutty flavor, they are simply unforgettable.
So these all-natural, gourmet snacks are as easy on your waistline as they are on your eyes (I like this one!)
With color so pure and taste so sophisticated, they are truly a rhapsody in blue. (Can you hear the music now?)

The Terra Chips Family “Upsell”

Don’t forget, Terra Blues is only one of the many extraordinary members of the Terra Chips family. On the Terra Blue bag, you will easily find what other chips this brand has to offer.

So… if a potato chips brand can do this…
With whom are you partnering?
What is your story?
What is your brand language?
When you get customers’ attention, are you taking the opportunity to upsell?

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