What is Your Company Manifesto?

I love the Meetup.com manifesto. This is a company that is not just about making money. They are making meaning.

Read below…
Let’s be fearless.
Let’s exercise our human right of assembly. Let’s exploit it big-time.
Let’s use the Internet to get people off the Internet.
Let’s bring back the handshake. The verbal debate.
The smile. You know, some good ol’ face-to-face, eye-to-eye contact.
When people get together amazing things happen.
They advocate, argue, learn, laugh and share.
Let’s be a group. Let’s be a real group.
Groups have a history of making history. People unite, motivate, activate and mobilize.
Groups give us the power to face a health crisis, start a political movement, pursue a passion, launch a business, and turn strangers into friends. To be bigger than ourselves.
Let’s step away from our screens for a moment.
Do without the PC, the TV and the phone. People are more powerful than pixels. A real group can beat up a virtual group any day of the week.
Let’s find the others. The ones that want the same thing.
Let’s meet in real time, in real places, and make a real difference.
Let’s Meetup.

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