20 Ideas to Market Your Next Event

You got a brilliant idea for an event. You got the speakers. You got the sponsorship. You picked the best venue.

Now you need people to show up!

Guess what… emailing your best friends is not going to be enough.

Here is a list of ideas I am using to market one of the most exiting event I have ever done by far - .

  1. Connect with the Connectors – Identify people who already have trusted access to your target audience.
  2. Connect with other events (before yours) – Offer special discounts to their attendees or do bundle pricing with them.
  3. Connect with Non-Profits – Give discount to non-profit organizations. They may need the same knowledge just like any other attendees.
  4. Connect with University or Educational Centers– Give discount to students. They love to learn and you already know that.
  5. Ask Sponsors for help – Your sponsors probably do want to see you succeed. Ask for help. Why not?
  6. Raffle - Give out one free tickets to special groups or audience.
  7. Affiliate Program – If you can afford it, why not give incentive to people who help you market?
  8. Direct Mail – Send out postcard instead of junk mail. Design a good looking postcard, so your audience would actually want to read it.
  9. Give First - Free workshop or teleseminar. Use the word “free” to attract your potential audience then tell them about the paid event after giving them value first.
  10. Get audience to participate ahead of time – Give them a reason to shine at your event. It’s all about your audience anyway.
  11. Feature Speakers – Do you have any star coming who people want to see?
  12. Program Development – Do you have learning topics or benefits people really want to learn?
  13. Social Network Community – Identify social networks and communities already host your audience.
  14. Bring a friend – Give bring-a-friend discount to attendees who already signed up.
  15. User Friendly Website – Make it easy for your audience to sign up. Ask multiple people to try it out. Make sure your event website is professional looking and provide all the basic information for audience.
  16. Follow up Email – Send purchase receipt immediate after audience sign up.
  17. Send Reminder Email – Just because they sign up don’t mean they will remember to show up.
  18. Early Bird Discount – Give them a reason to sign up early.
  19. YouTube – Why not? It’s free and it’s viral (assuming your video is funny and worth talking about).
  20. Identify your ideal audience and find media outlets with similar audience.
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine
  • Radio
  • Internet Radio
  • Podcast
  • TV Show

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  1. on 08 Sep 2008 at 11:16 am

    Great tips!
    If you are looking for a guide on how to design professional HTML email invitations, check out our “style guide” here:

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