On March 2nd 2007, I said goodbye corporate America. 

 A month has now passed, I want to take this time and write down what I have learned from the past month.  Regardless you are still working and also want to quit your job or you have already quitted or you just want to read this for the heck of it; Enjoy!

1. Stop thinking about what other people.  It will drive you crazy.
2. Einstein once said: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  It was time for me to quit corporate.
3. You stop being a whiner when you start doing what you love.
4. You start getting up early when you start doing what you love.
5. You start exercising everyday when you start doing what you love.
6. You know who your real friend is and who is not.
7. Some people will give you strange look, but who cares?
8. Everything in life is a choice.
9. The only opinion of you that matters, is your own.
10. Do what you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life.  
11. Life is a buffet.  There are some many choices along the way.  In order to get to one dish, I got to stay in line and make sure I choose the right line.
12. Life is not about winning, it is about how I am going to play the game.
13. Software and high-tech is not the only industry in the world.  People become billionaires and millionaires making ketchup, selling hairagami or making dumpling.
14. For anything to change, I must change.
15. Hoping I am going to succeed is not the answer.
16. Got to make my unique idea somehow stuck with someone.
17. Becoming an entrepreneur is about solving problem.  It is never about me and it is never about money.
18. You are who you believe or say you are.
19. Do something even you are not sure about the outcome.
20. Everyone who is now in front of the line started at the back of the line.
21. Find a way to help someone everyday.  Remember Godfather.
22. Don’t let perfection keep you away from doing.  You will never be perfect and no one is perfect.
23. Most people who tell you “This is risky” have never done it before.   Take advice wisely.
24. Successful people do whatever it takes, not just trying your best.
25. Pain is inevitable.  Misery is optional.  BTW – you don’t have to be miserable.
26. The only free people in this world are the ones who are willing to take risk.
27. It is never too late to become who you are supposed to be.
28. Appreciate the people around you.  Don’t take anyone for granted.
29. Visualize what you want everyday.  Night & Day.
30. Act and speak like you are already there.
31. Be trust worthy for yourself.  You should trust you.
32. If I don’t do this.  No one would.
33. Act values to other people everyday.
34. Smile.
35. Be grateful.
36. Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business.
37. Create your own story.
38. Become a master on something.  Not a master on 4000 things, but master on 12 times and do it 4000 times.
39. Controversy drives attention. 
40. Don’t try to find it.  Create it.  Thank you Douglas!  
41. Bring a notebook and write down your thoughts anywhere anytime.
42. Leap forward for the right reason.
43. Be yourself.
44. Success will happen when your heart, your brain and your action all come together.
45. Give 200% everyday.
46. Question what truly matter to you everyday.  Is it not just about the money?
47. “I only set out to get really good at something that really matters to me.” Alice Water once said.
48. Create a system for everything.  Make sure everything I do now is documented and repeatable by someone else.   
49. The best marketing is when people talk about you while they are eating.
50. Big a big small in a small pond and later on jump into a big pond.
51. Don’t act too smart.  Ask for help.
52. Internet is amazing.  PEW research is great!
53. Need to make sure I have my business cards with me at all time.
54. Practice my elevator speech.
55. Empathy and put yourself in other people’s shoe.
56. Define your own non-negotiable in life.
57. Anything worth doing also worth failing.
58. Thank your audience.
59. Speaking is not about you.  It is always about them.
60. When you see someone on stage and you said to yourself “I can do better than this guy”, you should also ask yourself, “Why am I not there?”
61. You will also win a arm wrestle with you have a team behind you.
62. Create massive values for some specific money and the money will come.
63. Income does not equal to profit.
64. Financial statements are not that scary.
65. Burn your boat.  Remember the Battle of Hasting.
66. Size of my belief determines that size of your success.
67. You can’t go forward if you look backward.
68. You can’t become who you want to be if you are still the person you were yesterday.
69. Stop being a victim.
70. Visualize a successful day everyday.
71. Nothing is impossible.
72. Promise yourself.  Don’t just set goals.
73. It is okay to let everyone to know what is going on with you.  Otherwise, how can you expect people to trust you.
74. Build emotional equity with people.
75. If I can do it, you can.
76. If you are not on top of your game, figure out why not and do something about it.
77. The best players are the one in already in the game.
78. Let it be and mind your own business.
79. Make the decision and just freaking do it.
80. There is very little difference between people; but the little difference makes a big difference.
81. A setback is just a setup for our comeback.
82. Don’t listen to what Simon said.  Great job Jennifer Hudson!
83. You can be an expert too! 
84. If your mother says a six figure income is too small; it is time to quit.
86. Network and network!
87. There is a Law of Certain: “If you do cert thing in a certain way certain result will always happen”
88. You can sell anything if you are solving a problem.
89. It is possible to have both money and happiness.
90. If you can’t define your customer, you can’t find your customers.
91. Niche rhythms with rich.
92. Some people will never understand what you are doing, but that’s okay.
93. Take and accept the compliment you deserve.  Give yourself some credits.  You are probably just better than you think you are.
94. Give out your best products for free!
95. Write a blog everyday!
96. Learn from people who have done it and been there.
97. Take pictures of everything. Pictures worth at least three thousands words.
98. Thank God for the internet!   Did I say that already?
99. What you are doing now is not new.  Someone else has probably have done it before.  Just seek and you should find.
Until next time.  Live your dream!


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