Does A Lower Dose Of Finasteride Decrease Side Effects?

Many have been concerned whether lowering the dosage of finasteride could also lower the possible side effects. Although this should not be a major concern since most finasteride users have rarely experienced any serious side effects, there’s no stronger proof yet that can support the claim that lowering finasteride dosage can, indeed, decrease side effects.

Finasteride is a drug administered for men who have experienced moderate to severe baldness. This condition is commonly known in the medical world as male pattern baldness. Clinical studies have revealed that finasteride has been proven safe and effective to combat hair loss among the male group, especially those at the older generation who wants to retain their confidence by saving their hair strands. The root cause of baldness in men can be basically blamed with the hormonal imbalance. Usually, as men grow older, enzyme activities convert testosterone into DHT which may accumulate over time. When your DHT level is high, your risk of acquiring male pattern baldness is also high. Finasteride works wonders by blocking enzyme activities which convert testosterone into DHT.

Finasteride is an FDA-approved drug; therefore the user is assured with the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Although side effects are an inevitable part of any medications, only around 5 percent of finasteride users have actually reported serious effects as a result of taking the drug. In addition, most of these side effects were elevated due to other health conditions, not directly as a result of taking finasteride. As what is repeatedly stressed-out, it is therefore critical to check yourself whether you are qualified to take any drug such as finasteride to ensure your safety. Some common side effects that were reported are the loss of sexual desire, abnormal semen ejaculation, flu-like symptoms, swelling of hands and feet, tenderness on the breast, and dizziness.

The minimum dosage of finasteride required to achieve visible results is 1 mg. Some people believed that lowering the dosage can help alleviate possible side effects. However, lowering the dosage up to 0.5 milligrams will only provide you 80 percent of the overall benefit, while taking 0.25 milligrams provides 50 percent of the benefit. These lower dosages may actually help you lessen the undesirable effects, but this doesn’t absolutely mean the absence of side effects if you are vulnerable. There are no proofs yet that can support about the gravity of side effects you may get with lower dosages.

In general, finasteride drug is the most effective medication you can avail to treat male pattern baldness. Others can also use the drug to alleviate the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, lowering the dosages may not provide you the desirable effects at the same time will not promise you with lower side effects if you have other health issues. A dosage of 1 mg is the most recommended by doctors since it is the appropriate amount that should be taken to achieve results. So why lower the dosage if you can rarely experience visible side effects?