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Buy Finasteride Generic to Remedy Hair Loss Issues

If you are suffering from hair loss, particularly a genetic hair fall issue, then you need to buy finasteride generic to be able to treat it.  Although there are currently lots of products in the market that claims to be able to treat genetic hair loss, only finasteride generic has the capacity to treat the issue.  The reason is that all other hair fall remedies only tend to slow down the progress of hair loss whereas finasteride generic treats the condition of male pattern baldness down to the hormone that causes the hair fall issue.

Dihydrotestosterone is actually the hormone that triggers the hair loss issue.  Although all men will possess dihydrotestosterone in their system, it is actually only those with the genetic imprint of male pattern baldness that will suffer from the result.  What dihydrotestosterone does is that it thins out the hair follicles slowly up to a point they can no longer support the weight of a normal hair and also no longer support growth of hair.  At this point, the hair follicle simply dies out as it can no longer bear any hair growth.  What finasteride generic does is that it inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone in the body.

Finasteride generic works its magic from the inside of our body – hormonally.  Finasteride generic works simply by inhibiting production level of dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that is responsible for the thinning out of hair follicles.  Once finasteride generic has controlled the levels of dihydrotestosterone, the hair follicles that has recently thinned out will be able to recover and once again be able to support growth of new hair.  This is why when men with male pattern baldness uses finasteride generic, part of the hairline they once lost is recovered as it starts to grow new hair once again.

Finasteride generic stops the level of dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme from converting the testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone.  This is what makes the use of finasteride generic essential when it comes to stopping the progression of hair loss caused by male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.  Basically, if you use finasteride generic, you will be able to stop the progression of your hair loss issue.  Since finasteride generic is a hormone treatment, as long as you continue to use finasteride generic, you will be able to stop the progression of the hair fall issue that you have. Continue reading

Does A Lower Dose Of Finasteride Decrease Side Effects?

Many have been concerned whether lowering the dosage of finasteride could also lower the possible side effects. Although this should not be a major concern since most finasteride users have rarely experienced any serious side effects, there’s no stronger proof yet that can support the claim that lowering finasteride dosage can, indeed, decrease side effects.

Finasteride is a drug administered for men who have experienced moderate to severe baldness. This condition is commonly known in the medical world as male pattern baldness. Clinical studies have revealed that finasteride has been proven safe and effective to combat hair loss among the male group, especially those at the older generation who wants to retain their confidence by saving their hair strands. The root cause of baldness in men can be basically blamed with the hormonal imbalance. Usually, as men grow older, enzyme activities convert testosterone into DHT which may accumulate over time. When your DHT level is high, your risk of acquiring male pattern baldness is also high. Finasteride works wonders by blocking enzyme activities which convert testosterone into DHT. Continue reading

Finasteride 1mg – Your Best Hair Loss Solution

Baldness, a common occurring thing you see among men.  Although not all men will develop the condition, few however who have the genetic trait will.  This is because male pattern baldness is a genetically inherited trait.  So if you have immediate family like father or brother that is bald, then it is likely that you also may develop the condition.  There are many remedies available for treating hair fall created by male pattern baldness.  However, many of these remedies simply delay the effect of the condition only and not treat.  If you really want to treat hair fall, then you should use finasteride 1mg.

Finasteride 1mg is a hair loss treatment drug developed by the pharmaceutical giant, Merck.  Finasteride 1mg was originally intended for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, in the early stages of its testing phase, it has been reported that the drug also happens to treat hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  Merck decided to investigate the effect themselves and they discovered that at low dose of 1mg, their finasteride drug has the capacity to treat hair fall, thus, the birth of finasteride 1mg. Continue reading