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Your friends are very excited about EdithYeung.com because this is a site dedicated to you; the brilliant mind.  

I know you want to develop new attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that truly serve you. You will discover numerous ideas, thoughts and stories on these topics that can make the difference in your life.  This is a site for those of you who know you are capable of more, are ready to take responsibility of your life, and want to make a lasting difference. These important topics are not typically taught in school or widely discussed among your friends.  This site is your friend and will help you to create a better life first for yourself, then for others, one thought at a time.  

You will find many brilliant ideas, thoughts and stories on EdithYeung.com in the following pages:

Blog   Read and absorb the latest ideas, thoughts and stories that will make a difference to your life.  This blog is updated almost daily.   You can also get a free .

Programs    Edith is an experienced speaker and has spoken around the world at  conferences, seminars for corporations, associations and college communities. She offers keynotes and workshop programs for people who want to make a difference in their life.  Check out her speaking programs for details.

Articles   Find hundreds of articles ranging from finding your purpose, passions and goal setting to practical tips on how to live healthily.  You can download these articles in PDF formats (for free!) and reference the content in your next newsletter and personal website.  The only rule is the content and material must be presented in the original content with no additions, or deletions and NOTHING can be altered.   Don’t forget to send Edith a copy when the article is published.

Audio   For the auditory learners, play Edith’s podcast.  In addition to the amazing ideas and stories read by Edith, you will also find numerous live audio interviews with many successful people who are truly making an impact to many lives right now.

Books   Click here to reserve a copy of Edith’s upcoming books ‘One thought at a time’ (Summer 2007) and ’30 Days to Power’ (Fall 2007).


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